Coastal Protection Structure
Graniterock will begin work on the Coastal Protection Structure (CPS) on Monday, October 2, 2017.  A new traffic pattern will be established to accommodate construction of the CPS along the south side of East Cliff Drive on the beach.  This will consist of shifting both traffic lanes to the north side of East Cliff Drive, installing concrete k-rail barriers, and placing new striping.  Two lanes of traffic will be maintained during this portion of the work, which will last approximately three to four months, weather permitting.  For the safety of pedestrians walking through the area, a pedestrian detour around the work zone will be implemented utilizing Alpine Street and Assembly Avenue, due to the very limited space available to the travelling public on East Cliff Drive.  Please observe the pedestrian detour signs to ensure the safety of all.  Pedestrian access on East Cliff Drive from 7th Avenue to Assembly Avenue will not be available during this phase of construction.  With the installation of the concrete k-rail barriers, parking along the beach will no longer be available.  The four stalls located on the north side of the road will continue to be available for parking.

By October 4th or 5th, Graniterock anticipates beginning excavation for the CPS.  Most work will occur on the beach during CPS construction, behind the concrete k-rail barriers.  Temporary construction fencing will also be placed on the beach around the work zone. There will be increased truck and construction related traffic on the road as vehicles enter and exit the work zone behind the k-rail barriers.  People travelling through the area should expect delays.

Once the CPS has been completed, work will begin on the remaining roadway improvements, including installation of several large Eco Drain storm water infiltration boxes under the roadway.  A lane closure and detour will be required while this work is performed due to the narrow width of the road, and for the safety of those moving through the area.  The duration of one lane traffic will be kept to a minimum, and the public will be notified via this blog and construction zone signage in advance of its occurrence.  Detailed information will be provided in the days leading up to the start of this work, approximately three to four months from now, weather permitting.

Parking availability in the construction zone is changing.  Construction activities will soon begin in the area along the beach where parking had been permitted during this past summer, eliminating parking in that vicinity until construction of new parking has been completed.  The four stalls on the north side of East Cliff Drive will be the only area where parking is permitted within the construction zone.  Please observe all construction area signage.

All parking in the Twin Lakes area is included in the Live Oak Parking Program.  Please visit for more information about the program.

General Project Information
Although summer has come to an end, the Twin Lakes Beach and Harbor areas still receive many visitors, particularly on the beautiful days we have this time of year.  For everyone’s safety, please use caution when moving through the construction zone, obey all signage, and please share the road.

We appreciate the public’s patience during the construction process and look forward to the completion of the improvements in spring of 2018.  The completion date is subject to change due to weather or other conditions.

Questions and comments may be directed to Cristina Crocker, Resident Engineer, (831) 477-3956, .


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